Tuesday, April 25, 2006

LA Times Outsourcing Article

Our Weekly has the story regarding outsourcing work to India, just click on the title or the link for the full story.

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Kanani said...

Interestingly, the company that kicked started it all was started by two east coast ivy college graduates from the US. The company they started is called Office Tiger, it's in India, and here's an interesting article. Office Tiger.

Hope that link works. I've forgotten the code.
Anyway, a few years ago, I travelled through India because a co-worker was Indian and invited me to his wedding. I got to see firsthand these businesses, which are all funded by western businesses. I spoke to a guy at the wedding who was from Madras, and had a perfect Southern USA accent. They'd sent him to Georgia for four months to perfect the accent. He worked for AT&T customer sales.

I was also asked to recruit doctors to outsource their transcription services to India. Also billing. But in the end, having known what our business means to so many women who make their living from transcribing, I just couldn't do it. Their jobs were going to to anyway, but let someone else be the hatchet.