Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spring Break: Filling in for Ed

I guess Ed's gone to Cozumel or is frantically packing.
Okay, start the pool now. How many of you think he'll get bumped on the way back? What are the odds of Ed losing his ziploc bag as he goes through customs, and who here bets that he forgot Immodium, and how thin will being with two teens get?

I'm off to the Matilija Canyon Ranch this week. It's ten miles outside of Ojai. There are three trout streams, stars out at night, and nothing to do. We'll all have a nice time. And yes, I bring Immodium.

Tell us where you're going if you've got a spring break coming up. Or what your plans are for summer.

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Ed Padgett said...

Hi Kanani,

No computer time over the weekend, as we prepare for Thursday night departure. Our flight leaves on Friday at 1:40am, hope the lines aren't too long?

Mexicana does not have electronic check in, so we have to wait in the long lines. Hope the kids can handle the wait.

Thanks for watching the blog for me, I will be logging on daily from Mexico, now to figure out how to upload pictures to the blog?

Have a great day,