Friday, August 11, 2006

What's New at Olympic

Last Sunday(August 6th) my crew worked an overtime shift for bonus days, this is to allow Sunday subscribers of the newspaper to get a free newspaper on Monday, and generates additional subscribers on a daily basis. When I pulled up to the guard shack I noted a new face inside, with a uniform that looked nothing like the Times security officers wear. After speaking with the new security officer, it seems we have added an outside firm to augment our security at the Los Angeles Times.

We now have satellite television in three locations at our facility, reactions are mixed on this new perk. Lets hope no one steals the satellite boxes.

The Internet is running in the learning center, and Cyber Sitter, blocks about sixty percent of the sites I enjoy, like LAObserved, for an example. But my homepage and blog run fine from Oly, so I'm pleased with the limited access. Forms for gaining access to the Internet can be obtained from human resources or the pressroom office.

Someone started a rumor at Oly that the swing shift at our Orange County Facility are idle on Tuesday's and Wednesday's, this is simply false. On Tuesday's we run over 450,000 copies of the newspaper at the Olympic Plant, and on Wednesday's it's over 500,000 newspapers. According to AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS our daily circulation is 857,707.

After being given false information on several occasions, I now do a bit of investigation before saying anything.

Today the employees at Olympic are being treated to a barbecue for reaching their goals on reducing waste and increasing papers per hour. Yes, we make our supervisors look good.

Enjoy your weekend,


Anonymous said...

Do you know why Cybersitter is needed on those computers? Not because of LAObserved. Rather because of the dreadful obscenities viewed by employees on their breaks.
Reality is grim enough without being paranoid about every little thing. And besides a huge raise and job security for life, what would have pleased you in recognition of a job well done?

Ed Padgett said...
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Ed Padgett said...

I was under the impression my user name, which was issued after registering with human resources, would allow you to view all websites I visit during my breaks, thus stopping me from viewing anything that would be considered obscene?

How do you know for sure employees are responsible for accessing obscenities in the learning center, when anyone with access to the building can simply walk into the room, since the door is unsecured?

Cyber Sitter is simply overkill.

And besides a huge raise and job security for life, what would have pleased you in recognition of a job well done?

I wouldn’t call a two percent raise, a huge raise; I take it you feel we are over paid?