Monday, November 19, 2007

How to remove our Troops from Iraq

If I was the Presidential candidate I would have some suggestions on how to bring our troops home. Do not buy oil. Once the interest of oil is gone, so will our reason for being there.However getting there will be the tricky part. I think that if we push our young minds, and challenge them the next 4 to 8 years, and ask them to develop new technologies that would allow us to be independent of oil, we would be very successful. Instead we will be bogged down by political bull crap, and see no progress or developments for the next generation of kids. As a nation we have adopted the school of video games, and someone else will take care of it attitude. I don't know about you, but I get upset knowing that Carter's party learned nothing from the oil embargo of the late 70's. The Regan administration was so full of oil, trembling at the Soviet Union that they spent trillions of dollars on the defense of a system that has to be used, money that we could have been used to develop technologies that could had us win the war along time ago had we figured out how to be oil free. Maybe it's not to late, but I sure hope that the next administration has enough sense to use eaves dropping to the fullest extent, I have nothing to hide so go right ahead and listen to my deepest fantasies I share with my wife. Please use racial and any other type of profiling as I don't fear a few questions that I know are there to help prevent another 9-11 attack. Feel free to close the borders so we can feel safe in our own nation. Export all Illegal Criminals that are apprehended so we don't have to pick up the added cost of prisons. Give the saved money back to the people in larger scholarships for the hard working Americans. And why don't we make every elected official use a hybrid car? This would save Americans Millions of dollars in Fuel expenses alone. Lets challenge ourselves to the new needs of the new millennium, by allowing us to explore the possibilities of an oil less society, or find some other alternative. Helping us make this war a success, and return home with dignity.

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