Thursday, November 01, 2007

Union Negotiations Begin at the Los Angeles Times

Negotiations commence this morning between the pressroom and the Tribune Company on drafting a first contract, which will prove to be a long and drawn out process with a company that will not bargain in good faith.

As an example of how underhanded the Tribune Company handles itself against employees, look back at the ridiculous charges filed by the company after the union was voted in by the pressroom employees, which were dropped by the National Labor Relations Board.

Why the company is so hard pressed against employees having everything in writing is rather hard to understand, when the elitist in Tribune Towers have no problem whatsoever granting themselves thousands of shares of stock, bonuses, and a very handsome golden parachute when the Tribune deal comes to an end, with control of the company sold to Sam Zell.

Appears the company will drag the negotiations out long enough that the union will be decertified sometime next year.

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