Friday, December 21, 2007

Free Revenue

Can anyone get Brian Greenspun, to use one of his connections in Las Vegas to pay for one of those bright color television displays used on the strip, so we can put it on top of the OLY roof? It would be the welcoming sign as you enter Downtown Los Angeles.
I can only imagine how much money an advertiser would be willing to pay, to have a full blown picture of the exact same ad, they just purchased on the paper. This would be one of the greatest VALUE ADDED incentives that I can see helping our circulation numbers. As the sign would be on top of the roof of one of the busiest Interstates in the Nation. We would also have an ability to show snippets of what we printed that morning on the News Paper, giving us the chance to reach out to non subscribers, with the added opportunity to engage them with a story that might not otherwise capture their attention on the front page. That can help street sales initially, but then some of those folks, just might want to get the paper delivered in the morning instead of having to stop and pick one up. The Casino that decides to "donate" this big television would have the added opportunity to launch a great advertising campaign to help thwart the Indian Casino Blitz that is going on right now. It would be a win-win for all.


Ed Padgett said...

Great idea Wolf,

Have you driven past the Citadel in the City of Commerence lately? The neon signs are so bright, night appears to be day.

Your idea has generated an idea from me, why not clean the outside of the building facing the Santa Monica Freeway. The building is so dirty we look like a second rate newspaper from the outside.

Wolf said...

Another thing to look at is turning the lights back on. If you notice early in the morning, the lights are off, kind of makes the place look abandoned. I can't imagine the cost of having the lights off outside, really benefiting us in any good way. On the contrary, I feel that the lights would be great for exposure as people pass by "the place where they make the LA Times".