Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Personal Mail at Olympic Facility

As we head into the holidays, increased demands on the Mailroom and Shipping & Receiving employees make it necessary to clarify the policy regarding company mail services:

  • Employees should not have personal mail sent to the work site.
  • Employees should not have packages (including Federal Express, DHL, UPS, Airborne, etc.) sent to the work site.
  • Any and all incoming mail will be screened initially in the mailroom.
  • Any and all packages will continue to be processed through Shipping & Receiving where they are x-rayed and inspected for suspicious content, but not opened.

Please have all personal mail, packages, etc. delivered directly to your home address.

We thank you for your understanding of and adherence to this policy.


Editors Note: Owen Brennan Sr. brought his returned mail to Olympic, to our last dinner wondering if the address had changed, because his mail to me was returned to sender. I guess I will have all further mail from club members directed to my home address in the future.

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