Thursday, February 14, 2008

David Hiller Names New Editor at the Times

David Hiller has named Russ Stanton the new editor of the Los Angeles Times, great choice David.

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Anonymous said...

So how does the addition of the presidential layer to the existing structure at the LA Times, follow the edict of Sam Zell to flatten the organizational structure across Tribune to remove barriers and beuacracy??

Seems to me that the top just got heavier at a time when we are about to start layoffs!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Russ Stanton from Adam, and he might be a great guy and the right man for the job as Times editor.
But whoever is in charge of The Times should remember you're a news-PAPER, dammit.
And whatever you think about shoving assets to the website, and merging the newsroom into a super information web center.......are you leveraging the future of your printing presses in such a move?
Are you admitting the presses are gonna stop in 5, 10-years anyway?

Be what you are.....a full service, metropolitan news-PAPER.

The web is world-wide.....
The Los Angeles Times is a local news product.
I know the paper crows at the amount of web hits it gets.
But, if you're not primarily a paper product.....stop buying so much ink & paper NOW!
It will prevent even more human layoffs and future budget cuts.

The industry is in flux, the future looks scary.

Jeff Prescott, La Jolla

grandspud said...
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