Friday, February 08, 2008

Message from Tribune CEO Sam Zell

From: Talk to Sam
Sent: Fri 2/8/2008 5:43 AM
Subject: Who's in Charge?

I've been talking about change and a sense of urgency, and I'm starting to see the messages get through. A reporter recently called with a great revenue-generating idea, and my response was, "Terrific! He gets it! It isn't 'everyone else' trying to generate revenue, he's taken ownership."

But, often, when I hear an idea within Tribune, what follows doesn't address how we can effectively evaluate its potential, or what our next steps are to execute. It's invariably, "I don't want to offend my boss."

So, who's in charge here anyway?

Well, I am. And I am not an absentee owner. Neither should you be.

Every day, you should ask yourself, "Am I testing my limits?"

I'm giving you a green light to ----

Pursue your ideas:

If you have something you believe will drive additional revenue, and that carries limited risk, outline your idea, and bring it to your business unit leader. You can send it to me as well.

Take ownership:

Put some thought into your idea outline. Who is the customer? Why do you think it would be relevant? What are the risks involved? What are the costs involved? What's the potential? How will we measure its success?

Have faith:

Our managers and business unit leaders are expected to listen to your ideas, and to give them thoughtful consideration. I know; I'm holding them accountable for doing so.


SOURCE: Kevin Roderick


Nubia said...

Now, THERE'S a message for you.

Be BOLD! Try it and see if it works.

Nubia said...
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