Thursday, June 19, 2008

Juneteenth 2008

LAT Pressmen Frank Lind, Buddy Williams, and Keith Denson


Eddo said...

That looks like cheap beer they are drinking. It must not be union made beer. Come on Keith - support you brothers.

Eddo said...
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Eddo said...

Hey Eddie - The second comment by me was meant to be under the Wayne Bean picture. Can you move it?

Anonymous said...

eddo said

"He couldn’t keep his wife away from other men, and he couldn’t keep other men away from his son. That’s a real loser".

Eddo you are the real loser. You call yourself a Christian? Please do us all a favor and never post here again. You have proven that the company made the right choice when they let you go 2 1/2 years ago. What a horse's ass!

Nubia said...


You quote the WORD, yet spew such mess as you have in comments to this post?

What does H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E mean to you, Pal??????????

I certainly hope that Ed has the where-with-all to moderate your comments to 'DELETE'!!!!!


Kanani said...

"Your game is almost up, but I still enjoy making you look like the moron you have already revealed, and continue to reveal, yourself to be, so I will let you spew your vomit a while longer."

Feck. Is that a threat?
And isn't it interesting he asks Ed for a favor in the third post? As IF!

grandspud said...

eddo wildbelcher said,
"...I will let you spew your vomit a while longer before I leave..."

Please don't leave eddo! You've been the inspiration for some of my best work. I would have never been able to create that woodchuck picture witout you.

But, since you're leaving, I decided to post a picture of myself so you can remember our friendship (I had to sneak down to the reelroom to take it.) I know you're the type of guy that will really appreciate the gesture.

grandspud said...

nubia said,
"Eddo...Get a REAL LIFE!

Go girl! I'm 100% behind you (especially since you have that nice derriere.)

I like the picture you posted of yourself. Edward P is a lucky guy and a good man. He has had more than his share of sorrow in life, so take care of him.

BTW- did you like the picture I posted of myself for our friend eddo?

grandspud said...

eddo wildbelcher said,
"That looks like cheap beer they are drinking..."

eddo, eddo, eddo...that's Mickeys Big Mouth malt liquor. You must have a very boring life.

Eddo said...

Grandstupud - Mickey's Big Mouth is rated as one of the worlds worst beers. It is headache beer, usually imbibed by college kids wanting a quick high. Sitting around with a headache is boring.