Monday, June 02, 2008

Operations Managers Under Attack

With word of 32 managers from the Operations Department losing their employment at the Tribune’s Newsday Newspaper and Star Community Publishing, the future is not looking very rosy for managers at the Los Angeles Times Operations Departments.

The Los Angeles Times operates three production Facilities, the Main Production Facility located in the produce area of Los Angeles called Olympic, the Orange County Facility located in Costa Mesa, and the Production Facility called California Community News in Irwindale.

As the Los Angeles Times has just completed another round of downsizing in April, this latest possible cost cutting measure comes right on the coat tails of yet another round of buyouts. But this is more speculation than fact at the moment, and no one may lose his or her jobs at the Los Angeles Times in June.

With over 2,000 newspaper workers losing jobs in 2007, this year will see the loss of over 6,000 across the country before 2008 comes to an end, if the rate of downsizing continues at it’s current pace.

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Eddo said...

Operations has taken some major hits over the years. If I were Zell, I would wack away at HR, starting at the top with Gwen Murakami, next I would roll the head of Diane Smith, and my third wack would be Risella Baeza. I would then pursue a good telephone messaging system to replace the rest of them.

I would then roll the heads of at least one third of the editorial folks. Do you realize how many writers there are for the few pages of liberal crap they put out. The last time I counted there were about forty writers for each page of story. The one third cut of editorial staff would be at all Trib papers.