Wednesday, June 18, 2008

San Francisco Peninsula Press Club: Should the media avoid a gay kiss?

Until a few years ago, the networks wouldn't show gay couples kissing. Today, some newsrooms still have policies that discourage running photos or video of same-sex couples kissing, says Poynter's Kelly McBride in a piece headlined "Gay Marriage Images: How Will You Play the Kiss?"

KPIX CBS5 reporter Joe Vazquez talked to McBride. She says that there was a negative backlash four years ago when same sex marriage first made a national splash. People said they didn't want to see that image on TV or in their local newspaper.

Now, she says photo editors are trying to find ways to tell the story beyond the kiss: "The kissing photo is one image of many that represents this moment in time, so editors are thinking about how to create the deepest understanding of this issue for the largest number of people."

Because of the backlash, McBride says photos of the kiss had the potential to turn viewers away, so editors are now trying to find a way to tell the story so that their audience can hear it. (Photo credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images via CBS5 Web site)

San Francisco Peninsula Press Club: Should the media avoid a gay kiss?


Anonymous said...

Congressman Wexler brings up 32 articles of Impeachment against Crime Boss Bush and the Times puts it on the last page, but gave plenty of front page spreads to Gay Marriage.
I wonder why the guy on the street won't buy the rag.

Eddo said...

The article with the sick photo states "editors are thinking about how to create the deepest understanding of this issue for the largest number of people." Just read the bible moron - God calls it an abomination. The Church calls sodomy one of the four sins crying to heaven for vengeance. What else would you need to know? Remember how I posted the 9 ways to participate in another’s sins? The Times is guilty of praise, flattery and more than likely consent. Well, it appears The Times has had a love affair with homos for quite some time, and they are certainly -another reason for the guy on the street, including me, to not buy or subscribe to The Times. Sam Zell, I've told you before, and I'll tell you again, if you want to be successful, you better de-louse the place. You have a serious infestation Big Guy.

Eddo said...

Revelation 21:8 says "But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

Anonymous said...

Remember Sodom and Gamora!

Kanani said...


If newspapers are a mirror of what's going on in our society, then I think not. If gays are kissing one another on the street and if the story behind it is historic in context, then yes, it's news.

It's just like war photos. Should we be leaving scenes of carnage out of the paper? Some say yes. Others say no.

All if it might be out of my comfort zone, but newspapers shouldn't pander to it, rather, they should just report the news.

Anonymous said...

Our enconomy is on the way down, Our manufacturing base has been decimated. Our borders are joke. We have invaded a Country to pilfer their rescouces. The media is bought and sold by big business.
Over 7 million babies have been murdered through abortion.
When do we start the Orgies after the games at the Coliseum?

Anonymous said...

The gays have the right to do whatever, but I have the right to "change the channel". And, I exercise that right. I don't care for man-on-man sex, man-on-man kissing/cuddling, elites, violence, gossip, Disney, Bush Republicans, and other offensive crap, so I don't tune in and I don't buy products that use gay sex, sex in general, money-making, and violence as a hook.

And, to all of you Christian bigots: Why did God create men who find other men sexually attractive? You know, I don't care to hear about or see homosexual sex, but I don't want to condemn homosexual men to hell, or jail, or have them ostracized, or beaten by rednecks, or harassed by Christian bigots.

Anonymous said...

I say again.....

The majority doesn't rule in God's world!!!!!

The Rat said...

World wide number of abortions per year: Approximately 42 Million
Number of abortions per day: Approximately 115,000


Number of abortions per year: 1.37 Million
Number of abortions per day: Approximately 3,700
Number of abortions since Roe vs. Wade is over 40 millon