Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Morning Hyperlinks

Wayne Bean and Frank Lynn


Eddo said...

That’s the one, the one at the left of the picture. That’s Wayne Bean, the one that I said had a baseball sized head. Wayne Bean is the one we used to call “the jerk”. When we really wanted a guffaw, we would refer to him as ”the clown”, personifying the drunken clown in the Uncle Buck movie. We felt they were two peanuts of the same shell. Arrogant, drunk with pride (of what we don’t know), and a complete jerk. Remember, pride and arrogance were the downfall of Lucifer.
We also considered him an artist – a shakedown artist, tighter than Kelsey’s nuts with his own money, but Katie bar the door when it came to free meals at the expense of vendors, or The Times. I had to explain to Jeff Johnson why his meals and entertainment budget was so high for crying out loud, higher than Oly’s with around twice the employees and higher than OC’s. And I don’t think that a lot of that money was spent on the people on the floor. He even had his managers buying his meals on their company credit cards. I don’t know what he was thinking, but I believe he had us use our cards to cover up some of his expenses and in my book, that is fraud, it was certainly against the Tribune Accounting Procedures.
You have probably read what I wrote earlier on, and I don’t think I need to repeat it, I think you get the picture. My offer still stands - $100. for a copy of the last survey taken at SFV. From what I’ve heard, it did not paint a pretty picture of Wayne Bean.

grandspud said...

It's freaking wierd!!!

Stare at the picture of the woodchuck at the right long enough, and it suddenly looks like someone I think we all know.

Don't blink.

Anonymous said...

whoo dude that look like eddo
kinda insulting you think may be that woodchuck get pissed and sue or something

ICEMAN said...


eddo dose not speak the truth,eddie and his side kick aka Ernst, take there familys to outings on weekends paid for by a company that serviced are equipment, and that was against the tribunes hand book they sent out, also, eddo had people on company time do things for other higher, that was not company related , how this asshole forgets, he lies,to bad the the higher ups, didnt know what really Eddo is FAKE

Anonymous said...

Eddo - Yor are right on man, he was a jerk, always peeking around the corner. Kind of creepy.

Hey Eddo, I watched the drunken clown from the Uncle Buck movie and you are right on dude. You the man Eddo