Thursday, May 06, 2010

Los Angeles Times Newspaper Kittens

A colleague at Times Mirror Square discovered a litter of kittens in the parking structure and adopted the mother and her litter, here's their story:

Around Valentine's Day 2010, our mom Signal found herself pregnant with six kittens, and no place to go. One lucky day, she found a dry box with a blanket
in the basement of the L.A. Times parking garage, so she had her babies there.
Other kitties lived there too, and there were people who put food out for everyone. Mom managed to keep all six of us babies alive and healthy this way. When the people discovered us, they caught all seven of us and took us home. The next day, mom went to FixNation to get spayed, and get all of her shots.

Now, the seven of us are living in a tiny 5x8 bathroom. It's a little cramped, but at least we're safe here. We've been given our first vaccinations, flea control and some medication to clear up our eye infections. On April 28th, we're all going in to get spayed/neutered, and we'll be tested for FIV/FeLV then too. After that, we'll be ready to go to our forever homes. We'd love to be adopted in pairs. Our mom is looking for a home too, so if you're looking to adopt just one cat, we can highly recommend her! She's a little shy, but she's making progress every day.

Visit their page on Facebook and maybe even adopt one of the kittens!

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