Thursday, May 27, 2010

Year of the Latino

The June 2010 California primary is noteworthy for it's record number of Latinos vying for Statewide office. Six Democrats, two Republicans, two Peace and Freedom and two Non-Partisan candidates are vying for six statewide offices:

Brian Quintana, Democrat for United States Senate
Al Ramirez, Republican for United States Senate
Carlos Alvarez, Peace and Freedom for Governor
Charles "Chuck" Pineda, Jr, Democrat for Governor
Abel Maldonado, Republican for Lieutenant Governor
Rockard J. Delgadillo, Democrat for Attorney General

Pedro Nava, Democrat for Attorney General
Robert Torrico, Democrat for Attorney General
Dina Padilla, Peace and Freedom for Insurance Commissioner
Hector de la Torre, Democrat for Insurance Commissioner
Lydia Gutierrez for Superintendent of Public Instruction
Gloria Romero for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Surprisingly, the most formidable of the group is a Republican - Abel Maldonado. Unfortunately, three Latinos in a crowded field for Attorney General are likely to dilute the Latino vote and ensure the victory of a non-Latino.

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