Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Buyouts at a Newspaper Near You

Just sixteen months ago the Los Angeles Times closed the Chatsworth Production Facility, and here we are again today, announcing which employees will be granted the latest buyout package. Historically, everyone that submitted the paperwork with the intention of leaving the newspaper was allowed to leave. And this round of buyouts will no likely be similar; everyone will be allowed to leave.

As circulation and advertising at the newspaper continue the downward trend, it’s only a matter of time before the Los Angeles Times Orange County Facility is closed. The employees at the Olympic Facility are constantly reminded that we cannot produce the entire newspaper without the aid of the Orange County Facility, yet no one believes much of this chatter.

Two different vendors have mentioned the closing of the Orange County Facility, within the next eight to twenty months, and unfortunately, I believe them. Let’s hope this isn’t true, but just incase, I have cancelled my membership to LA Fitness, dropped my cell phone to the lowest possible service plan, and have not visited a comedy club in over a month.

The next round of downsizing may come knocking at my door, so I must be prepared.


Old OC said...

The trigger for the OC Plant sale could be.... continued loss of circulation or MediaNews. If circulation drops to around 500,000 or part of the draw is printed by MediaNews the plant will go the way of SFV.

Anonymous said...

On Monday, a company began replacing the roof at the Orange County Facility. The cost is something under $1,000,000.

Was this one of the vendors that told you the plant was closing in 8 to 20 months? Maybe they know something. Could they be using old newspapers and mud for roofing material? If so, the plant may be closing even earlier than rumored.

I see no activity that would lead a rational person to believe closure of OC is imminent. The future is not ordained. It is created by people like us, so let's figure out how we can provide outstanding print services to other publications.

Jess Espinoza said...

Well said!