Friday, May 18, 2007

Here's one for Ed

Lemonette explains Automoblogging

(I love Lemonette. She's a 52 year old grandma from the south who videoblogs on You Tube)


Nubia said...

That's a GOOD ONE, Kanani! I'm sure Ed will be "Automoblogging" in no time. Not to WalMart or the "anti-q" shop, but to the beach instead!

If a Kodak can do it, I'm sure Ed can rig his Canon to do an even better job:-)


Ed Padgett said...

Thanks Kanani, this has given me some ideas on videoblogging. I think I may just mount my camera upon my head and you can see what I see.


Kanani said...

Isn't it hilarious! I loved the replies as well. Lemonette has quite a following on You Tube!