Saturday, May 12, 2007

Los Angeles Times Blogosphere

It was announced on February 2nd, 2007 that the Los Angeles Times would hold a moratorium on the creation of any further blogs, I have lost track, but I estimate the Times has added at least ten new blogs since the moratorium began. Additional blogs will be added as the year passes, may I suggest adding blogs for regions of Los Angeles, such as The Westside, Inland Empire, Southbay, San Gabriel Valley, and Downtown Los Angeles.

Thank you, THS GSA! - Woman in Progress

For sale on EBay - The Daily Mirror

HBO's "Manhunt" for John Wilkes Booth - Styles & Scenes

NBC and the return of the "Bionic Woman" - Show Tracker

School's out and so are we - School Me

'He trudged slowly, thoughtfully, silently' - Political Muscle

Witness uprising - Phil Spector Trial

Hey buddy, know any good contractors? - Pardon Our Dust

Microscopes - Overtime

Are websters second-class citizens? - Opinion LA

Anniversary of Hard Rock sale - Moveable Buffet

Documentary lauds Fujimori's role in 1997 rescue - LA Plaza

When One Neighbor Undercuts Another - L.A. Land

Report Card/Exit Interview: Kobe Bryant - Lakers Blog

Arnold and "T4," Ewan and Chiwetel, Eli and Trailer Trash - KinseyGram

The compassionate conservative - Jacket Copy

Exchange of Gunfire, Deputy Shoots Man - Homicide Report

How to buy tickets to the Tony Awards - Gold Derby

A small change - Evolution of a Website

Florida: Whisk her away to Miami - Daily Deal Travel

The sun sets on Clipper Nation - Clipomaniac

Emmylou Harris: simply timeless - Buzz Bands

The search for a cause - Breaking News

Photoblocker blocked - Bottleneck Blog

In today's pages - Immigration

Rudy Seanez will rock you! - Blue Notes Dodgers

MySpace's DMCA enhancement - Bit Player

1 comment:

Kanani said...

My feeling is that MANY of the blogs are sub-par quality.
I think they need to cull through them and set a higher standard.