Friday, July 27, 2007

Aaron Proctor for Pasadena Mayor

Aaron Proctor is returning to Pasadena and running for mayor in this world famous foothill city in mid-August, I’m personally not familiar with Mr. Proctor, but I think this is about to change very soon.

As a child I could not stand the taste of beets, but as I have aged, they now taste extremely good in my old age. The same goes for politics, I never paid much attention to what politicians said, but now that I’m in my fifties I have developed a taste for what is being said.

Allow me to introduce Aaron Proctor in this short video.

For further information on Aaron Proctor, visit Pasadena's Political Underbelly Blog.


Aaron Proctor said...

Thanks for the link and such.

I also ran in 2007 and received 11.2% of the vote.

There's stuff about me all over YouTube, Wikipedia, etc if you want to read more..and my blog of course.

Thank you, thank you!

Aaron Proctor said...

Also, I should note my site isn't underpasadena (I just post on there). My actual site is