Sunday, January 24, 2010

Newsday staff Reject Proposed Contract

From Lou Nicosia, Union Steward GCC/IBT LOCAL 406 - C at Newsday

The people spoke.

Local 406 overwhelmingly turned down the contract proposals 473-10.

This is not a declaration of war it only means we will be returning to the table. We want to work out an agreement with Newsday. We had tried to help them by giving them considerable operating cost savings, but they were just too greedy. We told them at the table that these proposals would not pass but they didn’t want to listen. What we found most appalling was while asking for wage reductions they handed out millions in bonus pay to Cablevision execs. I was especially proud of the Pressman Bargaining Unit which voted 158-0. I will keep you posted on further discussions.

Peace, Lou.

Operations Employees at Newsday

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