Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Night in the Blogosphere

Kenny Rupp, Maria Ramirez, and Juan Velazquez all soon to be
former Los Angeles Times Employees

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morethanubrgn4 said...

Hopefully these fine individuals will be leaving with some sort of severance package. The talk in the pressroom is that we must make a stand and not give up grievances for a severance package, that it is extortion. Seems that not too long ago 63 people were laid off and indeed grievances were given up for a severance package. Why was it not extortion back then?? Why was it not contested back then? Could it be that the president of the union himself had a vested interest in this?? You got your 12 weeks Ron and it's a lot better than nothing! A simple "me too" clause in the contract for severance could have avoided all this. Was it an oversight? Or not enough clout to get that in the contract?