Friday, August 24, 2012

The lesser of two evils!

Haywood Galbreath, Sherita Herring, and James Bolden
Photo Credit: Lisa Bolden

By Haywood Galbreath

For all of you out there! Who have criticized the president of United States Obama! Said he has not done enough to help the people and the economy! Says that he is not an American and wants to destroy the American way! Says he is evil!

There’s another individual running for the presidency of the United States his name is Mitt Romney! Mitt Romney belongs to the party that basically has destroyed this nation! By all indications Mitt Romney does not truly care about the working class people and will try his best to put him and his friends at an even greater financial position off the backs of the middle class than they already are at! You can say this man and the party that he belongs to is evil!

Therefore if you’re saying that Obama is evil! And we know that by all indications that the Republican Party and Mitt Romney are evil!

Yet Obama has tried the help the American people! You would be wise! The go with the lesser of those two evils! Obama! Unless you just really ready to have pure evil run America! –HG--

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