Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You Know it's Time to Take a Coffee Break When...

We have many good days at work, then we hit a bump, and have a bad day in the pressroom. Today it was a bad day, and all pressperson's across the country know what I'm talking about.

We ran two four page balloons, as well as two twelve page balloons, and at the lower level form plates we had a tabloid section on both form plates. Well, after running thirty-three thousand copies of tomorrow's newspaper, the drive-side dinky balloon breaks out. The balloon can be re-inserted into the folder rather easily, but we also lost a web, and it wrapped all the inside rollers.

There's nothing a pressperson dislikes more, than having to crawl inside of a printing unit, to remove the paper from the roller train. The ink inside of the doghouse seems to be a bit thicker than normal printing ink, and is very hard to remove from your skin and from under your nails.

One person is at the operator side, and one at the drive side, both on their backs, while the operator moves (inches) the unit slowly. You don't want anyone's fingers inbetween the rollers, so it's a slow process of removing the paper wrap.

Once all the paper was removed from the rollers, the web was threaded back to the middle form plates, with one half going to the upper form plates (split-web) and we're back in business.

The operator was overheard talking to himself about his average (papers per hour) and what they might do to him down the road....

Lets hope we have no further roller wraps this week?



Guillermo said...

Good discription Of the process in removing a wrap. Just one thing you didnt mention Ed. After the shift is over you spend sometimes an hour or two removing the ink forn the hair and the areas in the body you could not get to. Its a nessesary tak or the wife will kill you if you get home and crawl into bed with ink anywhere on youre body.

Guillermo said...

Good analogy of a wrap being removed Ed. Yet there is one thing you missed. The hour or two we spend in the shower after work removing the ink from the hair and body. The worts that can happen is getting chewed out by the wife for crawling into bed and getting ink on the pillows or sheets.