Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Changes at the Los Angeles Times

As newspapers across the country seek new means of revenue to stay afloat, the subscribers will note many changes in the next few months at Tribune newspapers.

The Los Angeles Times will begin the 46-inch project at the end of September at the main production facility called the Olympic Plant, in downtown Los Angeles. Each of the six printing presses will take one month to be converted to the new format, and lets hope the font size is not reduced any further for us older readers.

After the Olympic Plant is completed, the outside contractors performing the conversion, will move to the Times Orange County Facility to work on the four printing presses to our south.

The first reduced size newspapers should be published at the end of October or the first few weeks of November.

Another new feature in the Times will be the addition of post-it like notes, with advertisements, adhered to the front page of the newspaper. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune has already adopted this new form of advertising, which increases revenues, so this was a great idea by Times management.

But how can the Times ebb the flow of subscribers, which appear to be flocking to the Internet in droves?

Why not buy a copy of all the local newspapers, including USA Today, and compare how each newspaper attracts readers with their use of color and eye grabbing headlines, maybe take a little from each of our competitors newspapers for the Times.

USA Today grabs reader’s attention by using the brightest newsprint for their front-page, why isn’t the Times doing likewise?

Spending a little extra money on the quality of the newspaper would attract additional readers, which brings in more income from the advertisers.

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rek said...

ED the daily News already has the post it,for washington mutual bank