Friday, August 03, 2007

Identity Theft with Advice for all

Many emails arrive in my inbox on a daily basis, and I do my best at responding to everyone in a timely manner, but at times it becomes very overwhelming. As an example, my Earthlink Outlook Express folder has over two thousand unread messages, but my new Verizon account has no unread messages. This happens because I am able to place email addresses into categories with Verizon, so when a message arrives from my children I see it immediately, but let me get to my point as I need to shower and take care of some business before work.

As I scanned my email this morning I noticed a message from a writer, with some great advice for all of us. The writer suggested making two photocopies of all the contents of my wallet, insuring to copy both sides of every card. With one copy being placed in my car, and the other at home in a secure place, in the event my wallet is lost or taken. I will be following this advice this afternoon, and suggest everyone do so as well.

Wednesday my daughter had a doctor’s appointment, which requires a co-pay of $20.00, it was when I went to pay I discovered my medical reimbursement card had also been taken. So I had to pay the fee with cash, as well as her prescription, and file a claim with Wage works to be reimbursed. By making copies of everything in my wallet, I will know when something is missing, such as my medical Visa Debit card.

Would you know if a card was missing from your wallet or purse, probably not.


Ronnie Pineda said...

That's a good idea, except I would not leave important information such as that in a vehicle, as it is as vulnerable to break-in as our lockers. A secure place at home is a great idea. Also, never keep cash in your wallet or remove it from your person.

Ed Padgett said...

I have to agree with you Ronnie, with my car having a ragtop, access to the enterior of my car could be made with a sharp razor blade.