Friday, August 17, 2007

My Muses

Over on Easy-Writer

...."She tells him that she likes things from Tiffany. He goes to the store and picks out a key fob --the least expensive thing you can buy from the store. Steven goes to her house --a very nice home in Beverly Hills. He hands her the little blue box. She looks at it, doesn't open it, and literally tosses it across the room where it lands on the mantle atop a pile of other blue boxes.
I won't tell you the whole story, just in case you want to rent the movie, but it brings up the question: Do you have a muse?"

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Lisa C said...

This is one movie that I would have to see myself, not my husbands cup of tea. However, the message behind it surely hits home. Family is stronger together and is forever.

Thanks for sharing this. I will keep my eyes opened for it!