Friday, September 07, 2007

I Love Working for the Tribune Company

The penny pincher's in Tribune Towers have reached a new low as they have threatened to remove my dependant children and grandson from my health care coverage, unless I can meet certain criteria and prove I have custody.

Full story this weekend....


livingintherealworld said...

Please save us from the sob story. The company has every right to verify that all employees who have dependants (or claim they do) are eligible for health care benefits.

If they are eligible you have nothing to fear, right?

Nubia said...

With all that going on, do you think they're more concerned about their brats or your dependents?


Ed Padgett said...

Dear Living in the Real World,

Thank you for the straightforward comment; I do enjoy honesty, even misdirected honesty as yours.

May I suggest you create a real Blogger account with a photograph of yourself, which may impress the Tribune executives, with yourself and your opinions? Tell me you were not one of the dummies that dressed to impress Sam Zell, as Sam walked into the room wearing Levi’s?

For all Tribune employees being audited, be sure and send in your forms by October 5th, 2007 to Mercer by certified mail, many employees have had their dependants insurance cancelled even when the forms were mailed in. Mercer has a poor track record of finding their mail, according to a Tribune insider.

livinintherealworld said...

Sorry Ed,

I was not part of the meeting.

I just felt the need to call someone out who is talking out of their @#@. I'm no fan of Tribune management, but for now they still pay a heck of a lot more than I do for myself and my families health care. Just think of all the poor souls who have no health care!

If they want proof of my families eligibility I have no problem giving it to them. It seems reasonable to me.

I must ask, why is this such a problem for you???

Ed Padgett said...

Dear Living in the Real World,

I want to thank you for bringing out my anger, sure felt a lot better than the sadness I’m feeling the past few weeks, at least for a moment anyway.

I was in error, as I read the form letter from Mercer completely, I see I jumped the gun on what documentation was required as proof for dependants on my health insurance.

When I scanned the form, all I read was the forth bulleted paragraph, and the sentence that grabbed my attention: Divorce decree/custody agreement showing the primary physical residence of the child is with the parent in a relationship with you.

After reading the entire document I see my 2005 or 2006 tax returns will be evidence enough, and I will not have to visit the courthouse to retain the custody documents, as I assumed in error I would have to supply.

I was in error in this matter.

Another question comes to mind, if employees have committed fraud by claiming dependants they do not have on their health insurance, will the company terminate the employees?

Have a great Sunday.

Kanani said...

Just think...
all the money we've spent on this war... The politicians FOUND the money.

but when it comes to creating an accessible national heathcare for all... The politicians can't FIND the money.