Thursday, September 20, 2007

Los Angeles Times Pressmen Wearing Black

Edward and Guillermo BenavidesToday across our country citizens wore black to show support for the Jena Six, our shirts had a duel message. Support for the Jena Six and support for the union movement at the Los Angeles Times. Racism is not limited to Jena, it's happening in our own backyard. If you would like one of these nice union t-shirts, contact your union representative on your shift, or let me know and I'll get one for you at the low price of $10.00.


livinintherealworld said...


I'm puzzeled by the "dual message" that your shirt is sending. On the one hand you say that you are supporting the black students from Jena, however on the back of your shirt, the symbol of the Iron Cross was proudly worn by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Just what are you and the union trying to say?

Ed Padgett said...

We all see things differently, just depends on our vantage point in how we choose to see things.

As with the Jena Six case, we have a very similar situation occurring at the Olympic Facility, one African-American terminated, and several African-Americans on the HIT LIST to be terminated for any infraction they commit next.