Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our Next Dinner Date

Our usual mid October dinner will be postponed till November 17th, 2007 at Luminarias Restaurant because I failed to call in our reservation to secure our room in a timely manner. I apologize to everyone for my lapse in memory, had something on my mind other than the dinner last month.

Yesterday I called Luminarias banquet staff, and was informed they could supply a room with a maximum seating capacity of fifty guests on the last Saturday of October. With forty-five to sixty-five guests at each dinner, this could be a problem if more than fifty attended.

I was left with three options, move the dinner to either Taix Restaurant or Stevens Steak House. The third option was to move the date to November 17th, at Luminarias Restaurant. After contacting the president of our club, Tony Specht with our options, I was given the green light by Tony to move forward with the November 17th date at Luminarias Restaurant.
Since Eaamon Dignan has retired from hosting the golf tournaments, that coincided with our dinners, it would be nice if someone stepped forward and started hosting golf tournaments once again.

I strongly urge all pressmen and press women to attend our next dinner, we may have a special guest speaker you would not want to miss meeting.

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Those of us who have been at The Times for 30 years get a Pen and Pencil set. Sigh.