Friday, September 21, 2007

Pop Up Ads?

Today I got a complaint from a reader in Scotland.
They said the number of pop up ads from my blog was making their browser go crazy.
I'm a bit perplexed, because I have never opted into AdSense (after Edward's experience).
The only affiliate program I have is Amazon, which I've now taken down.
The only widget ad I have is for my store
And when I got to my site, I don't have issues with pop up ads.

Note, I do have my pop up blocker on. I use Firefox, which is really great at filtering all of them out. But still, even without it on, I don't get ads.
So do me a favor. Go by my site. Tell me here if your browser goes wonkers due to pop up ads. Or does my reader in Scotland just need to turn on his pop up blocker?
Thank you.


kanani said...

Oh... Ed just told me that it's Blogger.

I wonder when the day will come when they make us pay to blog, or have "premium" sites with no pop up ads.

Anyway, I can't complain too much. I understand revenues are the reason I'm able to blog for free. In the meanwhile, I just turn on my pop up blocker and don't sweat it.

I think the people who have the most issues are those who list the comments in a pop up window, rather than just on the body of their blog, as Edward does here.

I hope things are good for everybody.
Big hugs all around. I've been having a hellacious week with my son.

Browne said...

Yes it is blogger. That's why I use typepad. I also pay a monthly fee to use Typepad. I don't know if you pay for your site or not, but I do know free blogging software has lots of pop-ups. Right when I came to your site my pop up blocker kept making the bubbles sounds its makes when it's fighting pop up crime.

Who would think that is a good idea in regards to marketing, never in my life have I clicked on a pop-up ad.

Browne, thebusbench