Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday has Arrived

As we pulled into the Olympic parking lot yesterday it appeared there was a party being set up. Could this be a party to improve employee morale, I asked myself? The Times threw a party for the advertisers, but that's also a good thing, they pay the bills.

The party encluded a live band, that could be heard through the walls into the reelroom of the pressroom.

Last night as I left work a bit after 8pm, I decided to visit the Ice House for a little laugh therapy, and I think it worked, I'm smiling this morning. Skillz allowed me in for free, must be my age, and that was a nice gesture.

If I do not work overtime on Saturday I plan to drop by Redondo Beach to heard Urban Dread play at Naja's. Even if I do work I may still go by for a couple of sets, we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Stay cool,


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Anonymous said...

We get pizza !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!