Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kanani Fong Published in LA Times

It's true, Kanani Fong has a letter to the Los Angeles Times, published in this Sunday's Calendar section (Page E-2) July 16, 2006.

Kanani is a wife, mother, poet, and writer, that writes for us once or twice per month. She also has her own blog called Easy Writer where she shares her thoughts and feelings on people, and places.

Through the years I have crossed paths with many that have attempted to have letters published in the Los Angeles Times without success. Naturally I'm very happy to see a letter from someone I know in the newspaper.

Congratulations Kanani,


Jess Espinoza said...

Way to go, Kanani!

Kanani said...

Hey.... Yeah, I was surprised. Didn't mean to slam the journo, but really, there's more to this guy than anyone will give him credit for. And the journos are willing to settle for crap that you'd find in People Magazine.

Last year I wrote a letter toVanity Fair about an article they wrote on The CrossRoads School in Santa Monica. The journo did a good job. It wasn't a fluff piece at all, and it really exposed the school for what it is: a sanctuary for the very wealthy to send their kids to learn. Fine. They want that, they can have it. But it just so happens all around them are public schools and kids that are sinking. And frankly, don't spout off liberal dogma in the media if you're not going to do the very least and support public education.

Anyway, my letter enraged all the rich parents there, enough to look up my address using, and write a letter inviting me to come and visit their school. Can you imagine? A lady in OrangeCounty upsets these super rich, image controlled people and they invite her to their school so that they can in some way redeem themselves? Cracked me up. Can't you see them getting so PO'd over this that they made the headmaster write to me? ME?

Ha! No way. I was busy. I had to work.

If I get a note from Owen Wilson's publicist, I'll let you know.