Tuesday, July 25, 2006

LADWP Urges Energy Conservation

From: Kurtich, Mark
Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 5:12 PM
To: zzAll LATimes Employees
Subject: LADWP Urges Energy Conservation

(Managers and supervisors: Please share this information with your employees who do not have e-mail. Thank you.)
July 24, 2006


The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has urged business and residential customers to conserve energy during this period of high temperatures and humidity. Record-breaking demand on the city's electrical system has resulted in sporadic outages throughout the area. While the LADWP has ample energy supplies, air conditioners running for long periods of time are putting a heavy load on local distribution systems.

Please take steps to conserve energy whenever possible. The LADWP offers these simple ideas:

* Turn off desk, overhead, and meeting room lights when they are not needed.

* Turn off computer equipment when you leave the office.

* Try to avoid operating equipment during peak hours of the day.

Thank you all for your assistance.

Mark Kurtich

Senior Vice President, Operations


Anonymous said...

Mark !!?? your gonna cut energy as well ( Oh my ) LOL

Anonymous said...

If everybody does his or her part. It could benefit everybody one way or another. Just think the poor or disabled. All kinds. Just think it could help you mr LOL.IF YOU THINK HARD ENOUGH just maybe YOU CAN FIGURE IT OUT Happy oc pressman

Anonymous said...

Colleagues??....when were "we " ever "considered " Colleagues ....

Anonymous said...

OH geez.. Happy OC pressman thinks he's smart ( dont fool yourself ) just buy a generator ( hondas are the best ) Whew that was tough !!!

Anonymous said...

A lot of people cant afford generators be a little smarter. Be positive or maybe you cant think in that direction.Also you are a colleague or your what you think you are. Go forward dont go back you dont grow in your walk in LIFE. HAPPY OC PRESSMAN THIS WORKS FOR ME