Friday, July 28, 2006

Nail Everything Down

I was informed today that not only a computer and Ram from two computers were taken from the Oly Learning Center, it goes much further.

A laptop computer was taken from the offices at the rear of our plant, I believe it's part of the circulation department, and one computer was also removed from the cafeteria. The two computer terminals in the cafeteria are used by employees to access the Intranet and other information, such as paychecks, health care, sick days and vacation days.

I was also informed that one employee had their passenger side window broken out of their car while working.

Is it the weather or what?

Mark Kurtich paid a visit to Oly today, and he was angry over the resent theft's, and said when the person is caught, they will be terminated. Many of my co-workers feel the same anger, as I do, and hope the person or persons responsible for the thefts are caught soon.

Enjoy your weekend,


Anonymous said...

Did Mark happen to mention anything about the physical condition of the thief when he/she is caught and turned in? Sparky used to say, "bring him to me no matter what condition he is in."
Larry Jordan

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that a fellow human being thinks he/she has to steal something from someone let alone stealing from a family Times member. It's too bad and I feel for you guys. Being an ex member of the Oly security staff until 2003, I can tell you that with the exception of a camera in the gym (with limited visual of the entire gym) and one fixed camera by the rear truck loading dock where the old vehicle maintance bldg, the only cameras are on the exterior of Oly building. Most of these are the dome type cameras that can pan and zoom. The remaining ones are fixed and can only be moved/adjusted by hand where the camera is. In 2003 there were only about 12 cameras in total unless more have been added. Even with the dome cameras there are alot of blind spots in which one cannot zoom in all parked vehicles without special enhancement. Also, vision is much worse at night and inclement weather. In addition, a VCR using VHS tapes are taped in a lapsed timed mode. It's kind of watch a computer vide when viewing it worse than streaming because of super slow speeds used. Tapes wear out after so many reuses and distortions and droppouts occur. Ofcourse that wouldn't happen if the cctv system were to be upgraded with more cameras and better optics as well as a DVR (digital video recorder) using a C drive like a pc. It's basically equivalent to a Tibo for recording multi cable channels. Also if an officer forgets to change a tape, there is no record of any usuable images there that should of been recorded but was not. Another thing is especially at night, there are only two officers, one in the gatehouse and one doing patrols. They can't be everywhere you know and if they spend alot of time in the security officer or in certain spots shooting the breeze with their buddies, then what happens is you loose coverage of the plant/parking lot areas and lack of deterence by everyone seeing someone with a badge and a sheriff deputy type uniform to make prospective perpetrators to think twice. What everyone should do is to contact Clete Page and demand that better coverage is provided.