Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Waiting for the Cool Air

As I left San Dimas at noon today the temperature was a nice ninety-five degrees, and as usual Los Angeles is anywhere from five to ten degrees cooler than San Dimas. But not today! As I neared the Olympic Facility the temperature continued rising. When I pulled into the parking lot at work, the tempature was a toasty one-hundred and two degrees. Like all of you across the Southland, I'm looking forward to cooler weather as soon as possible.

We now have Internet access at our plant again, thanks to Alma Perez and Monica Hayes, but was all their hard work in vain? Only seven users requested Internet access by filling out the access forms, out of the two-hundred and fifty workers at Oly.

It was brought to my attention that someone removed the RAM (random access memory) from one of the computers in the learning center at Oly last weekend. The memory could not be worth more than twenty dollars, so I suspect someone other than a Times employee is responsible for the theft. The learning center needs to be secured like the outside doors, everyone entering the room must use their employee ID to gain access.

Los Angeles Times managing editor Doug Frantz idea of offering pony rides to the writers to boost morale, may seem a bit odd, but you can't fault him for trying something different. I mentioned this to Russ, and he has many ideas, which I will allow him to share with you later.

With so much negative news regarding the Tribune Company, I have eased back as not to add any fuel to the fire.

Stay cool if you can,


Anonymous said...

Thanks EDDIE for laying low.Our work place in OLY AND OC are great places to work if my attitude is in that direction. WHICH FOR THE MOST OF THE TIME IT IS. 28 YEARS OC HAPPY PRESSMAN

Anonymous said...

"With so much negative news regarding the Tribune Company, I have eased back as not to add any fuel to the fire".

Don't forget "Facts are Facts" and people need to know!!!

Ed Padgett said...

Any major changes regarding the Tribune Company will be posted.

At the moment I'm seeking out any positive information about our company.

Send your tips to Jesse or myself.

Thank you,

Jess Espinoza said...

We will continue to post the facts; feel free to send, or post, any hard news you may come across.

Anonymous said...

You and Jess have to be the most positive aspects of the LA Times. Tony and Misty amoung other supervisors seem to be decent persons to work for. You provide the news not only to your fellow press persons but persons on the outside looking in such as me. Perhaps someday, when the LA Times management come to their senses, they'll start hiring apprentice press people and hope to be amoung them when they do. Thanks for giving part of my life back by providing stories and pics knowing a little what's going on in the press room evironment. I miss the gym, people I've met and even the people in Aramark cafeteria. The closest I can come to simular surroundings is the Aramark cafeteri at Long Beach City College/Java City and they even accept credit cards. But mostly I miss all of you.
GGod willing, I'll be back.
Bob Wright