Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pressmen at Play

Costume Winner
Andy and Kathleen
Debi and Ed
Joann and Bill
Jimmy and his sister Dory
Debi and Sharon
Bill Conover and David Joe
Dory and Andy had a costume party Saturday and many pressmen and their ladies attended, many thanks for inviting us to your party Dory and Andy.


Debi Padgett said...

For whatever it is worth..5 billion in sales was the projection for Halloween this year...to exceed last years figures by 1.6 in sales!!!

Maybe we (the "Boomers") are remembering how much fun it was to have a little good clean fun!!!

The pix tell it all!!!

To Bill and David....awesome guys!!!

To my girls Sharon and Joanne....maaahvelous dahlings!!!

And to the Hostess with the Mostess...loved that 3rd prize goodie bag..

Jim and Kathleen...you are two great folks that are the meaning of "soul" mates.

Thank you all for a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Confidential to the "Doctor"..

Was you last name "Feel Good"????

Kanani said...

I see Deb borrowed an outfit from the motorcycle cops.

Debi Padgett said...

Kanani...after laughing sooo hard I can attest that I was a "Mile High Captain."!!!!!!

There was a little Dejavu there, eh???