Friday, October 20, 2006

Sharing Space

As I smoked a cigarette outside of Taix Restaurant last Saturday night, I had my picture taken with one of the men sharing the banquet area with our group.

The group calls themselves The Gay Law Enforcement Motorcycle Association, and they were dressed in leather chaps and other motorcycle looking uniforms.

Several looked like real motorcycle policemen, and Jesse Rogers was overheard in the men's restroom asking what police department they were from.


Anonymous said...

You make a cute couple.

Jess Espinoza said...

Why is the guy standing behind you smiling?

Ed Padgett said...

Well Jesse, he was the third one to pat me down, and was laughing that I finally realized they were not really policemen after all.

Larry said...

AHA!!!! So that is where the other booze tickets went!