Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm Getting Old

Back when I was younger my buddies and I would run the streets all night, and go to work at the newspaper with two or three hours sleep. We would always tell one another "I'm never doing that again", but for some reason we would do it night after night and recover from the lack of rest quickly.

Last night I made it home at 10:30pm from work, washed and dried my uniform, and jumped into bed as quickly as possible for the 5:00 am shift today. Iplaced my uniform out onto the floor like a fireman would, for a quick exit. My alarm went off at 3:50am, and I was out the door at 4:00am. After work I came home and napped for two hours, but I'm still feeling rather tired, just can't recover from the lack of sleep as I once did when I was a young person.

One of our supervisors keeps preaching about feeling the web from our Man-Rowland units, and all of us experienced operators simply look at the web from the quietroom, not the catwalk. That's the beauty of experience, we can look for wrinkles in the web and judge if were pulling too hard or too loosely. I won't mention the supervisors name to protect his privacy, but here's what happened yesterday.

My favorite operator went up on the catwalk to feel his web from unit twelve while the press was running, and his hand went through the web. I really felt bad for him, and gave him a new nickname, Dave Walker.

Enjoy your weekend,
Eddie the Zookeeper


Anonymous said...

Whomever came up with that name for you is pure genius!!!

Bluesangel921 said...

Ha! I know what you mean about not being able to recover as quickly from a late night and limited sleep! In my job with the City, I am required to work every other Tuesday to take minutes for the Planning Commission meetings. Some of these meetings can last until 11 p.m. and later. The next day, I have to be at work at 8 a.m. and getting there in the morning after a meeting is getting harder and harder as I get older and older! At least you're out late having fun. . .I'm stuck working!

RB said...

All I can say is: Try doing a City Council meeting until 3am then being at work 32 miles away at 7 am the next day!

NOT FUN!!!!!!!! But that's what they pay me I use their car and gas!


Guillermo B. said...

Ed. I was feeling a web at one time when we trasitioned to the light weight paper and the same thing happened. I found the best thing is to take the infeed down to 140. The outfeed can be left at 3.5. When you get up to speed adjust the outfeed to where the percent on source stays between 20 to 30. Just maybe a in rare occasion you might take the tension up a point or two.

Anonymous said...

If you ran an old wood hoe press succesfully this unit would not be a problem guys its common sense not rocket science. maintanice, trying new blankets electronics those are the only thing that should stop you from running this unit or a retrofit press .