Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Television Viewing Falling

As a child growing up in Alhambra, California I remember having only seven television stations to choose from, and this was on a black and white television set. Sometime in 1964 we were treated to a color television, with a built in turntable and radio, and we were really living then.

Saturday mornings were spent in front of our boob tube watching Heckle and Jeckle cartoons, The Jetsons, and many other favorites before pulling my Stingray bicycle out and riding to Granada Park for some outdoor fun.

Last year I removed the television from my bedroom and gave it to my son, as well as my VCR and two boxes of tapes, it was a waste of time I felt. I much rather waste my spare time on the Internet, than in front of a television.

We have satellite television in our home, with just the basic programming, and there are over one hundred and fifty channels to select from, yet my children still tell me there’s nothing on TV.

There are a few programs I do enjoy like the Sci-Fi Channel, The History Channel, and Comedy Central, but I use our Tivo to tape the programs before viewing. Seems advertising rates have fallen, how else could I understand eight commercials every few minutes, which I bypass.

And the television stations cannot figure out why their ratings are falling, too many commercials.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I also grew up with one B/W TV. We had 5 channels.
One of my favorites was "Leave it to Beaver", and you know - I still like it today!
Modern TV is just not my bag. I have some reruns that I enjoy, but coming up with a favorite new show? That's a hard one.

See you later, Speedcat

Kanani said...

"I much rather waste my spare time on the Internet, than in front of a television."


It's true. At least you can pick what you want to watch. On TV, who wants their standards shaped by Reality TV?