Friday, June 01, 2007

A Word of Encouragement to the Men & Women of the LA Times

Right now, a new world is being born. It is a world filled with brilliant possibilities.

In this very moment, people are breaking free from limitations that once seemed impossible to overcome. All over the world, difficult challenges are being transformed into valuable new creations.

As this day moves forward, valuable, LIFE-CHANGING LESSONS are being learned. New ideas and concepts are being formulated, tested, improved and put into practice.

People of all backgrounds are finding beautiful new ways of experiencing and expressing what it means to be alive. Positive and enriching values are being shared, and communities are emerging to sustain and promote those values.

So much attention is paid to the DIFFICULTIES in this world that we often forget what else is going on. In fact, what else is going on is an immense expression of love and life and joy that grows more firmly entrenched with each passing moment.

Truly a new world, with more opportunity for joy and fulfillment than ever before, is coming to life right now.

Open yourself to it, and live the beautiful possibilities.


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